Technovatrix Banking and Financial services includes developing and implementing solutions that address regulatory reform, technological advancements and complexity, combat volatility, control costs, manage risk and market moves. Our vast experience with analytics and IT solutions to help reduce costs and enhance business efficiency.


Our services help our clients design, transform, and run advanced operating models to combat volatility, control costs, manage risk and enable growth. We drive greater efficiency, effectiveness, and governance to make clients' businesses more competitive and agile.

From cross channel optimization to managing risk and regulatory compliance, our specialists are work with our clients to help them run their business bigger and better.

We help our client finance executives drive business performance and shareholder value while improving operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Segments we Serve

Following is a list of segments our specialists serve for our clients:

Cards and Payments

  • Often we come across clients having issues with security threats to sensitive customer and business data, margin pressures
  • We provide a broad range of solutions that help card issuers, transaction processing agencies, credit bureaus, large merchants and payment networks implement strategies and solutions that improve process efficiencies, simplify transactions, speed up time-to-market for products and reduce risks

Banking Technology

  • Choosing the right technology architecture based on their operating requirement is often cumbersome which is required to help banks to operate as seamlessly connected and integrated enterprises
  • We provide a comprehensive, custom strategies that align a bank’s business needs and result in increased productivity, real-time processing and synchronized processes

Depository / Registry

  • Clients often face various compliance issues in cross-border and online trading, supporting diverse portfolio of instruments and processing huge volumes
  • Our vast IT expertise in this domain helps customers reduce operational risk, enhance efficiencies and build real-time depository/registry solutions to increase reliability and efficiency in multi-currency, cross-border operations


  • One of the key concerns when an organization is growing globally is managing the diversity in financial instruments and sustaining growth in offshore fund markets
  • We provide strategies for global custodians and custody departments to support operations, manage complex processing requirements, reduce risks, successfully adapt to market demands, rationalize diverse platforms, build common infrastructure and centralize processes


  • Financial instruments are getting increasingly complex, transaction volumes are escalating exponentially, changing market conditions warrant flexible reconciliations operations and reducing IT budget makes it difficult to manage a large workforce
  • We help you eliminate limitations of your reconciliations and investigations operation in the fastest possible time. We deliver a scalable and an innovative software model the matching, investigation and reconciliation of core and client-specific financial transactions

Retail Banking

  • The digital challenge is turning banks’ traditional top-down approach to managing customer relationships on its head. Preoccupied with setting policies, developing products and arranging operations hat meet regulators’ requirements and best suit their internal needs, banks have long been indifferent to what their customers really want
  • Our goal is to formulate comprehensive strategies for creating reliable systems that improve operational efficiency and meet business goals effectively

Investment Banking

  • Investment banks have made technology an integral part of their strategic initiatives in order to work continuously to avoid low margins, workflow disconnects, data redundancies and compliance issues
  • We assurance to our clients is efficient management of core functions including brokerage, asset management and wealth management while managing risks and regulatory compliances

Risk & Compliance

  • Mergers and acquisitions, increasing focus on regulatory norms, inadequate and inconsistent controls and accountability, data quality and data integration has been always a challenging issue our clients often face
  • We provide a broad range of solutions and services to address regulatory compliance in most of risk management related areas


  • Banking sector often face challenges in maintaining constantly upgrading instruments, greater volumes of cross-border trading, market manipulation, erroneous reporting and illegal trading practices
  • We provide Real-time solutions for monitoring transactions while assessing and reducing risks, the ability to anticipate abnormal trading behaviors and take steps to prevent further market abuse and comprehensive strategies for risk mitigation

Corporate Banking

  • Clients often face of upgrading their sophisticated services to meet corporate client expectations, high demand for comprehensive corporate product and account management
  • We provide a unified multi-channel view of corporate customers and automation of processes to increase profitability and improve customer satisfaction

Asset and Wealth Management

  • Increasing numbers of clients with high expectations of financial advisors’ roles and client relationships poses a critical challenge to the banking corporate sector
  • We have developed a CRM software solution which includes a real-time access to integrated client information throughout the advisory relationship. For more details about our product, please Click Here

Exchanges / Trading / Broker

  • Catering to global market and global exchanges that demand fast, accurate processing of high transaction volumes, delivering superior customer service is required for our clients to sustain in the competitive environment
  • We provide a Mission-critical, flexible, scalable trading solutions that support multiple channels and that span across equities, derivatives, commodities, instruments, covering different types of trading methodologies, resulting in increased agility and transparency in trading environments

How we can help you?

Please feel free to reach out to: hello@technovatrix.com in case of any further questions, we are available 24X7 for you.