Our Engineering and Industrial Solutions reduce design cycle times and help you gain productivity, efficiency and cost savings, driving increased ROI.

We understand the factors that drive the industry, we help evolve the right innovative solutions that deliver engineering excellence and operational efficiency, ensuring you stay ahead of competition.

Achieving operational excellence depends on alignment among manufacturing, engineering, planning and collaboration processes. Our specialists help you succeed. Using the latest solutions, we address the entire value chain—from conceptualization and design through manufacturing.

Our Services

Following is a list of Services our specialists serve for our clients:

Product Lifecycle Management

  • Product Lifecycle Management plays a critical role in overcoming poor visibility, status reporting delays and silos of information that cause bottlenecks
  • Our solutions help drive product innovation, increase quality and accelerate turnaround time throughout the product lifecycle

Mechanical Engineering

  • Our Clients often face issues with collaboration among distributed teams and partners
  • Using technologies like the cloud and social media, we believe virtual teams can be as effective as those housed in a single building
  • Our Specialists are skilled at capitalizing on the opportunities, which will help you design faster, reduce cycle times and achieve higher ROI with your product development efforts

Embedded Hardware & Software

  • High tech businesses in aerospace, medical and other electronics fields demand ever smaller, more sophisticated electronic systems of fail-safe quality
  • We can accelerate time-to-market through a wide range of global engineering services, wherever they’re needed in your development lifecycle or elsewhere across the value chain
  • Using the latest methodologies, we help you optimize R&D, validate embedded designs and reduce development costs

Controls & Operations Management

  • Any disconnect between the manufacturing and the enterprise is an issue to reinventing a business to be more virtual, collaborative and connected
  • Our specialists break down barriers by applying best practices and management frameworks for continual process improvement
  • We help you achieve superior yields, improve lead times, increase visibility throughout the manufacturing value chain and reduce costs

How we can help you?

Please feel free to reach out to: hello@technovatrix.com in case of any further questions, we are available 24X7 for you.