We build custom applications for mobile and tablet devices. Our development team brings you experience across native, web, and hybrid platforms for multiple industries including finance, gaming, healthcare, hospitality, travel, and retail.

We perform work for hire services, which extends to any and all mobile device projects. Our excellent global development and support team gives you the best execution of application development services.

Our robust delivery models reduce costs and deliver maximum Productivity, Flexibility and Impact.


Following is a list of features included in our services:

  • We develop native, web, and hybrid applications for mobile phones and tablets
  • We develop apps for iPhone and iPad iOS using Swift, Objective C, Xcode and iOS SDK
  • We program Android apps using Eclipse IDE, Java, and XML
  • We engineer RIM / BlackBerry applications using programming languages like ActionScript, HTML, CSS, JS, and C/C++
  • We develop Windows Mobile apps using XAML, C#, Visual Basic (VB), and C++
  • We program apps for Symbian OS using Qt C++ / QML
  • We develop cross platform mobile applications using PhoneGap and Xamarin
  • We code HTML5 for adaptive rendering on mobile devices
  • We build SMS & alerts applications with built-in, one-way and two-way SMS via SMSC gateways
  • We also integrate wearable technology applications with mobile devices for a seamless user experience
  • We create visually stunning augmented reality applications using a mobile devices GPS and camera hardware

How we can help you?

Please feel free to reach out to: hello@technovatrix.com in case of any further questions, we are available 24X7 for you.