Innovation and Market share growth are the areas where technology companies are drawing the battle lines to boost profitability

technology & Telecommunications

Winning here requires taking a hard look at labor costs, workforce mobilization, consolidation, and other drivers that can improve return on investment; it means spending every day as an agent of change

To help our clients meet these challenges, we provide world-class consulting services drawing on broad experience to deliver practical solutions based on fresh thinking, which is what technology is all about in the first place

Segments we Serve

Following is a list of segments our specialists serve for our clients:

Online Companies

  • We can help Leveraging our solutions to make rapid gains with product development, better manage rich media and adopt social marketing processes
  • Our technology and business consultants can also help you launch new mobile platforms, drive user adoption, cultivate customer loyalty and better protect consumer privacy

High Technology Manufacturers

  • We can help high-tech manufacturers with virtually any task across the product engineering lifecycle, including
    • Product conception
    • Agile and Scrum iterative development
    • Product and software testing
    • User experience design
    • Product lifecycle management


Technovatrix adds value to telecom businesses by helping clients leverage new technologies to gain a competitive edge. Our excellent global development and support team gives you the best execution of software development services and support. Our teams have vast experience in technology and understand business constraints.

We offer complete project and IT implementation and support services, including:

  • We help our customers leverage disruptive trends, such as data monetization, network infrastructure replacement to increase their revenue and create new revenue streams
  • We enable collaboration, reusability and tools to drive quality, certainty and agility in our deliveries leading to higher customer satisfaction and higher margins
  • Our solution accelerators, proprietary frameworks, and platform solutions enable our clients to achieve faster product development and quicker time-to-market
  • We enable our clients to provide superior services through delivery, leadership and partnership. With our customer-centric solutions focused on the end-user’s needs and preferences, we help them deliver a seamless and consistent customer experience
  • Our landscape rationalization strategies and bundled services optimize the operational costs of our customers and simplify their business processes

How we can help you?

Please feel free to reach out to: in case of any further questions, we are available 24X7 for you.