Technovatrix blends deep understanding of disruptive forces with industry experience to generate new ideas and products, new business models, and new relationships that can help transform organizations, positioning them to address their most pressing current and future challenges.

Travel & Hospitality

Technovatrix adds value to travel B2B and B2C businesses by helping them leverage new technologies.

We work with travel entities to define specific solutions that help them gain an edge in the highly competitive travel market.

Our Specialists gives you the best execution of travel software and integration services. Our teams have vast experience in technology and understand business constraints.

Segments we Serve

Following is a list of segments our specialists serve for our clients:

Restaurants & Casinos

  • We perform work for hire services to develop dependable solutions for hospitality applications. Our Specialists have the capability to build comprehensive software solutions across on-site, mobile, web, and cloud-based platforms for restaurant, hotel, casino, amusement park, and timeshare management
  • Whether you are in need of a complete software solution or just looking to augment your team with skilled developers, we have a solution for you
  • What we offer?
    • Point of Sale Services - Transform point-of-sale to point-of-service and create a seamless guest experience with our end-to-end POS services
    • Metrics, tools and reporting. Clients gain fresh insight into system costs with our service’s easy-to-read dashboards and reports on efficiency and effectiveness

Travel intermediaries

  • Our Specialists work with the travel companies and intermediaries on a broad range of solutions such as
    • Development and configuration of corporate travel platforms that comply with the Open Travel Alliance's messaging schemas
    • Developing feature-rich agency desktops and web services for GDS and non-GDS content integration
    • Development of new travel portal integrating dynamic packaging, loyalty, social and mobile features. Supplier evaluation and integration into new distribution platforms
    • Development of Internet booking engines, online ordering platforms, customer experience enhancements and white labeling solutions

Travel Suppliers

  • Travel suppliers are being forced to drive value in increasingly creative ways. From driving ancillary revenue via multiple channels to transforming the reservation process and integrating property management, we help clients drive more revenue and enhance customer service while also delivering efficiencies
  • Following are our services:
    • Analyzing the market trends
    • Integrated touchpoint strategy
    • Mobile testing center of excellence
    • Roadmap/future-state planning
    • Time-based studies & call handling optimization
    • Technology deployment & optimization

How we can help you?

Please feel free to reach out to: hello@technovatrix.com in case of any further questions, we are available 24X7 for you.